Chelyabinsk Plant of Household Goods

Chelyabinsk Plant of Household Goods (CHZBT) is the manufacturer of the goods under the brand name «Magarich». Our brand is famous all over Russia.

We have already been working and developing for 5 years. Our plant greatly influences the development of hooch making and home brewing both in Russia and adjacent countries. Our slogan is «Revitalizing Traditions».

Our products

First of all, Magarich is one of the most popular distillation still brands in Russia (according to the Yandex services data). Our product line includes both low-cost and high-level stills.

Apart from distillation stills, CHZBT offers breweries which are also manufactured in low-cost and premium versions.

Besides, our range includes barrels, wooden jugs, tanks for home-made alcohol and pickling. A wide range of cooperage items can meet any needs of our clients.

We also offer a wide range of the related products for hooch making – glass bottles, bonificators, herbs, oak chips, yeasts, etc.

Recently, we have been actively developing the products intended for food making, i.e., for smoking, cheese making, sausage making; besides, we offer juice squeezers, charcoal grills, smoke houses, etc.

For the convenience of bulk customers, our plant enlarged its range with the related products, such as, knives, samovars, glass holders, etc.

Plant mission

The plant strategy is to form a civilized hooch making market as well as the market of home-made brewing, smoking, cheese making and, in general, independent food preparation.

Chelyabinsk Plant of Household Goods

Plant Objectives

  1. Remaining one of the market leaders.
  2. Continuous product enhancement.
  3. Taking on the European markets.
  4. Making a chain of company stores all over Russia.
  5. Continuing dealership network development.
  6. Improvement of business processes.

We are looking for cooperation.

We are looking for cooperation with wholesalers, dealers, franchisees and stores.

Available for you any time:

  1. vast product range;
  2. goods in stock;
  3. proper consultations on how to choose a product;
  4. timely delivery to al over Russia and Kazakhstan;
  5. choice of the convenient payment mode including collect on delivery;
  6. quality and official warranty from the manufacturing plant.