With its own hooch: Magarich participates in two international trade fairsRADE FAIRS

Since the mid-February a representative of the Magarich company took part in two international trade fairs held in Moscow and Nuremberg (Germany).


Let's go to Siberia!

April 13-16, Novosibirsk will hold a hunting and fishing exhibition.


Two distillation stills for the price of one

Advantageous offer from the manufacturing plant: buy a 20-liter distillation still "Magarich from Mashkovskiy" or "Magarich Export" based on the new tank, and receive an additional 7-liter tank. Therefore, you pay only for one distillation still and in fact, get two of them as the distillation still top is suitable for both tanks.

Hurry up! Limited offer


Opening of the largest Magarich store in Russia

Let us announce that in April 2017 we open the largest MAGARICH store in Chelyabinsk.


Looking for wholesale clients

We invite you to enter into a win-win partnership!


Promotion action: November Fest from Magarich

Buy any distillation still - get 1.36 kg of beer wort Magarich for free.


The story of Maharich

It is a pleasant thing when people talk about you and even more pleasant when they talk about you in a good way. Please, fin below the article about Director of the Magarich company Alexander Mashkovskiy, and his family. We thank the journalists from the Argumenty i Fakty for such a kind publication!


Magarich goes to Yurma

What do you do at the weekend? For instance, we became one of the sponsors of the annual festival in quad orienteering "Yurma" held in the forests of Kyshtym.


Promotion action "Golden Summer"

The promo "Golden Summer" from Chelyabinsk Plant of Household Goods.


100 grams from the people's commissar

In 2016 the Russian Federation and the countries of the former USSR will celebrate the 71st anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.


Acute Issue: the way Magarich improves environment

CHZBT producing distillation stills "Magarich" doesn't not stay aloof from the acute problem but demonstrates what environmentally safe production means by its own example.


Tin as it is: CHZBT news

The beer wort concentrate "MAGARICH Lager" is sold in a 1.36 kg tin can.