The story of Maharich

It is a pleasant thing when people talk about you and even more pleasant when they talk about you in a good way. Please, fin below the article about Director of the Magarich company Alexander Mashkovskiy, and his family. We thank the journalists from the Argumenty i Fakty for such a kind publication!

Breathe freely. How the businessman found the reason for living in rustic simplicity

Two years ago Liubov Mashkovskaya gave birth to the third child despite her dreadful diagnosis: cerebral tumour. After the operation the family moved to the Serpievka village situated 300 km far from Chelyabinsk.

"I open the window in the morning and feel the fresh air coming from the river and the river murmuring. We feel terror remembering our previous life in a 9-storeyed bblock house in the Leninskiy district of Chelyabinsk - noise made by trains, wagon groaning, dust from the endless traffic. Not to speak of that bromine spill in 2011! We felt this smell from the poisonous cloud so much at our 9th floor", tells the family head Alexander Mashkovskiy describing a wonderful life in the village.

Live and breathe freely

"What I like most is that one can feel freedom here. We have three children, and here they all can walk outside, take the air and not be afraid of a car suddenly popping up behind their backs. I also feel very calm. It is worth a lot", adds Liuba, Alexander's wife.

Sasha and Liuba have been together for 18 years. Their mutual friends introduced them to each other. After the family moved to Serpievka, the local underfilled school "increased" by two pupils at one time - the brothers Mashkovskiye. The youngest child, Kristina, is two years old. Shortly before the birth of the long hoped-for daughter the grief came to this family. When Liuba was pregnant for the third time doctors found that she had a cerebral tumour. All other problems paled into insignificance beside this one.

"We have been trying to develop small business for many years. We sewed blankets and bed sheets together. We used to have a second hand store and an online-shop of household appliances. I even sewed toys with my own hands", said Alexander showing his big man's hands.

"At times our business was on the rise, at times it fell into pieces and police officers knocked at our door. We've gone through all of these," continues Alexander. "However, when we heard the terrible news that our mother Liuba is death sick something inside us snapped".

Mother, please, stay alive!

Fortunately, the doctors managed to find an opportunity to operate the pregnant woman. The tumour was removed. Soon after Kristina came into being. However, the operation influenced the woman's health.

"My sight deteriorated, and I am not able to work as an accountant as I used to do. I have a worse memory and my reaction is not so fast now. Lord willing, I've become only the mother of three children and a housewife. Honestly, I'm happy! Now I want to learn how to cook in the Russian stove in the cauldrons left by the previous owners of our house", comments Liuba smiling and inviting us to have a look at the farm.

It started from the purchase of goat at the price of 50 thousand rubles. Photo: AiF/Photo by Alexander Firsov

It started from the purchase of goat at the price of 50 thousand rubles. Outside we see a hornless Nubian goat with short hair and a husky puppy.

"We have never lived in the village before. Being a typical city resident, I'm afraid of goats. That is why we have been searching for a hornless goat for a long time. Finally, we managed to do this. However, it cost us an arm and a leg by village standards, - 50 thousand rubles. At first, when we were repairing a shed, the goat lived at our neighbors' place. Our neighboring elderly lady taught me how to do milking. So, now our family drinks fresh goat milk in the morning and in the evening", tells Liuba about her favorite goat.

Next we plan to buy quails and rabbits, certainly, all of them will be pure-bred.

It started from the purchase of goat at the price of 50 thousand rubles. Photo: AiF/Photo by Alexander Firsov

New life

Standing at the gates, Alexander and Liuba are telling they bought this old house in Serpievka two years ago when their business collapsed one more time. They invested the maternity funds to buy it.

"We moved here and it seems that we've found our way. My new business in distillation units manufacturing developed very rapidly. Now I'm sure that I've found my place in this world," assures the house owner. "After coming there, I launched a new project which soon became very profitable. We repaired our old house and bought one more building in the same village. Now Serpievka has a hotel for tourists. Indeed, many people see Serpievka as a land of caves. In the vicinity of the village there are more than 200 underground caves while tourists have been calling the village "the capital of the 6th ocean" for a long time already. The most famous cave is Ignatievka Cave where once monk Ignat lived and where an acheiropaeic image of the Most Holy Mother of God".

Alexander pointed out that rooms in the newly opened hotel are already booked until autumn. Tourists from various Russian cities come to the village founded in the second half of the 18th century. The unique Serpievka as a part of a big Southern Ural touristic cluster is a very promising region for the Chelyabinsk region authorities. Serpievka has not only caves and a fast flowing river but also virtually fabulous sights, such as the house of the intelligence officer standing alone at the river bank. The locals tell the legend that once an intelligence officer lived here who often was away at service and then suddenly returned.

This year the village has had one more happy story about a simple family that understood the nature of happiness sneaking from the megalopolis.

Photos and the text were taken from: http://www.chel.aif.ru