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CHZBT starts to sale wort concentrates.

Developing the plan for the company's further growth the Director of Chelyabinsk Plant of Household Goods (the plant produces distillation stills "Magarich" proved to be high-quality products in the territory of Russia) turned his attention to wort concentrates. That time (2014) the market was filled with the imported concentrates only. After imposition of sanctions against our country the company decided to take the import substitution policy and become one of the flagships in terms of the Russian wort sales in the territory of Russia.

To do this, Director of CHZBT Alexander Mashkovskiy, after conduct of several meetings with the Director of the Interkvas company, seeing the production facilities and tasting concentrates, concluded the agreement with the Moscow company for supply of a high-quality, cheap Russian beer, malt and rye beer wort as well as sbeeten and mead concentrates.

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Time passed, and now we're happy to present you various wort concentrates from Magarich you can use to make your favourite drinks: Lager beer, GOST rye beer, traditional Russian drinks, such as, sbeeten and mead as well as any strong drink made of malt wort.

All concentrates are made of Russian natural ingredients and can be used to cook not only the claimed drinks, but also sugar wash that can be further made into a great hooch.

PLEASE, NOTE! All wort types do not contain sugar, that's why, they can be consumed by those who suffer from diabetes mellitus.

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