New Magarich Premium

Dear partners!

We have recently received a lot of orders from your for supply of the distillation stills from the Exclusive series. We don't produce these distillation stills any more for a number of the following reasons:

1. The analysis of sales for the series "Premium" an "Exclusive" revealed that the share of sales for the latter is significantly lower.

2. The distillation stills are virtually identical in terms of their appearance and functions with a significant difference of their retail prices (1000 rubles) not in the Exclusive series favour.

3. The Premium distillation stills have been upgraded and obtained a number of advantages comparing to the Exclusive series:

  • the weld seam has become less visible which made the distillation still look more attractive;
  • fully nipple connection of the distillation still elements excluding any leakage at the joints;
  • the still thermometer is rigidly bound to the distillation still by means of thread connection without sealing.

The most important factor:

in the near future the distillation stills from this series will be packed into a high-quality, bright and colorful wrapping in which the still will look attractive and impressive!

Best regards, CHZBT team.