Address of the general director of ChZBT, LTD, to plant partners

We may continuously and heartily tell that we have a high-tech company, about a high-quality of our products, our low prices and a wide range of available stock. But we won't do it, why should we? Everybody has already known it.

Chelyabinsk Plant of Household Goods is JUST a plant producing and selling distillation units, water boiling tanks, smoke houses, juice squeezers, grain crushers, water cans, cooperage products. Such companies are few today, and this is good. This is only a set of characteristic features our plant has which you should pay you attention to last of all when working with us!

The key aim we're longing to achieve under such difficult and, frankly speaking, rather complex economic situation when the crisis dramatically affected virtually all social groups, is to provide every person with an opportunity to cook and get high-quality, delicious and useful home-made products.

It's not a secret that the crisis in 2015 made everyone rethink one's situation and overcome tough economic conditions of our times. Absolutely everyone was affected, from common people to transnational companies! Because of the crisis people started to purchase less products in the shops as well as to choose cheaper ones and significantly cut their costs while companies and enterprises start to lower the prices for manufactured products which led to decrease in the quality of such products. The today's reality is high prices and low quality.

No matter whether it is a distillation unit, a smoke house, a juice squeezer or a grain crusher produced by our company, - this is only a steel item with a set of technical properties, however, the potential and functional capacity together with the product a man receives working on our device at home, indeed, provides unlimited opportunities for creation, soul, life and event for survival during this complicated period, as it was stated above.

The situation will not be resolved in the near future and, perhaps, nobody is waiting for some miracle any longer. Most people have realized the necessity of change and even the vital importance of change, other are still on their way to this thought.

People will be getting poor because prices keep growing. It's neither a secret that virtually all product prices have increased two, three or even multiple times! At the same time, the salaries have remained the same or even lower.

Tis is exactly the moment when we need to focus on the sale of household wares as it provides a person with the opportunity to convert the products they have grown up at their garden plots. There are more than 70 million garden plots in Russia. The crisis will force us to plough the land that were previously abandoned and start to grow vegetables, fruit, breed cattle, chickens, bees, etc. This means that people will need such household wares capable of helping them to resolve the tasks of conversion and storage of these products.

A purchaser has completely changed his/her behavior becoming practical and cost-saving. For you, being salesmen, it is a sign you need to react to and stick to a new way of work at your stores. Forget anger and aggression as people are not guilty they have less money, it’s only the crisis and we need to overcome it. We shall love our client and focus his/her attention on those items that will help to pass through these tough times.

Sell him/her a solution for the problem instead of a steel item with some technical properties. This shall be done the last of all, while the first of all you need to stress the advantages the client will have buying this item, what potential capacity it has, the opportunities it will provide and the problems it can resolve!

Let us consider, for example, a distillation unit "MAGARICH Chelyabinsk" for 21 liters with an electric heating tube. Of course, it looks attractive and naturally, passing by the counter, a customer will stop for a while and ask a question: is this a distillation still? This is the moment when a customer gets involved in the purchase process, even it case it will be delayed, but it's likely to happen in future if you do everything properly! To do this, you need to implement many things but I will stress the most important factors key for this sale:

Create a suitable setting in your store. It is important. These are emotions, not just distillation stills at the shelves. If possible, create a section also locating oak tanks, barrels, a juice squeezer as well. Hang up bath besoms, dried biscuits or bubliks, dried fish, put a samovar (you can also sell these items), etc., but the most important thing is to prepare good hooch and put it near the stills. Offer your client to smell it and you'll see how he or she will be admired. There will be only the last step left before the purchase.

It is essential to understand that you doesn't sell some iron thing, you sell a ready solution! If a customer has a garden were apples grow, then, by selling the Juice Squeezer MAGARICH-SPM15 Professional to him/her, you sell him/her all the gathered apples transformed into juice. Loss of yields will be reduced to zero if this customer also buys a distillation still "MAGARICH from Mashkovskiy" for 21 liters and equipped with an electric heating tube as he/she will make homebrew from a part of juice and distil hooch. Selling an oak barrel to him/her, you sell cognac or whisky the buyer will have by infusing the product inside.

Just an iron item is useless while the solution for the problems it provides is very important, and this is exactly what the customer pays for. Please, understand it and communicate to your staff!

"We don't rest on our laurels" is our creed. We keep going further, we are sensitive to the market, keep investing into analytical projects, receive necessary information allowing us to choose a right policy and create new products.

In the near future we will release new products which are worth being present in your stores. If you follow our recommendations, it will much more easier to overcome the crisis. Many of you will be able to discover those areas in retail and wholesale that were previously considered to be not your cup of tea.


General director «Chelyabinsk Plant of Household Goods», LTD
Aleksandr Mashkovskiy