Distilliation still Magarich from Mashkovskiy

We now have a distillation still "Magarich from Mashkovskiy" available for purchase.

Description and advantages

A unique vertical and patented structure of the Mashkoskiy distillation unit is fundamentally different from other similar units as it contains two steam domes connected in sequence for better distillation unit cleaning.

The upper steam dome is intended for putting fruit, spices and flavouring agents which allows for making drinks with a marvelous taste already after the first distillation.

This structure may increase the number of steam domes thus achieving a high level of distillate cleaning for one distillation.

A convenient structure, high performance and low cost can fully replace inconvenient reflux towers.

Other distinctive features of the new product include:

  • large neck of the distillation still for convenient cleaning;
  • food stainless steel with the thickness of 1.5 mm;
  • distillation still that may be used to cook food;
  • professional series.

The distillation still "Magarich from Mashkovskiy" can be used on induction cook tops (only for the model with a distillation still made on a pan).