With its own hooch: Magarich participates in two international trade fairsRADE FAIRS

Since the mid-February a representative of the Magarich company took part in two international trade fairs held in Moscow and Nuremberg (Germany).

February 22-26, Moscow accommodated the largest Russian trade fair "Hunting and Fishing in Rus" being one of the leading world fairs as well. Three pavilions at VDNKh presented products of more than 900 companies and brands. Along with our colleagues, we presented our distillation stills and hooch making equipment to the capital residents and guests. Our exhibit booth attracted immediate attention. Indeed, there were lots of jokes like "Why don't you fill our glasses?" but most visitors were interested in the details of the distillation process, the quality of the obtained beverage and the speed of still operation. The exhibition also allowed for conclusion of several mutually profitable agreements for delivery of our distillation stills to various Russian regions.

After the Moscow exhibition, the brand "Magarich" arrived in Nuremberg to take part in another hunting and fishing exhibition. IWA & OutdoorClassics is the international trade fair for hunting, fishing, shooting sports and fire arms. Over the last 40 years this event gained a reputation of one of the largest European exhibition events specialized in hunting equipment, shooting sports and outdoor activities. While our exhibition booth was enjoying the attention of the guests, and German speaking manager explained the distillation processes, we managed to walk around the exhibition and find a lot of interesting things to see. It should be mentioned that, in contrast to the Moscow fair, the Nuremberg trade fair gathered representatives of all the possible interested companies from every part of the world.