Magarich Technology Sales Start

Today is the day when the sales of ELECTRONIC distillation stills "MAGARICH Technology" officially start.

There are two models available, one for 25 liters and one for 15 liters, may be completed with a fridge and a steam dome "Bogatyr" or with a fridge and a steam dome "Legend" at the wish of the customer.

The distillation stills can meet the requirements of the most demanding users and get a proper product after distillation.

The still is fully electronically controlled which provides for smooth regulation of the power capacity without EHT turning off within the accuracy of 1 degree centigrade. A built-in water level sensor will provide for a long and reliable work of the electric heating tube.

The EHT special form allows pouring a small amount of water despite the still big volume.

Microprocessor-based control ensures the still reliable work at all operation modes.

A new big and convenient neck has a sound connection with the still (similar to the connection on atmospheric diving suits) thus excluding any leakage during its operation.

Despite all the achievements and the process labour intensity necessary to manufacture these distillation stills, we managed to preserve their low cost and provide you with an opportunity to get a good margin.

  • The wholesale price for a 25-liter distillation still is 10,900 rubles, the retail price is 14,990 rubles.
  • The wholesale price for a 15-liter distillation still is 8,920 rubles, the retail price is 12,990 rubles.

CHZBT has been already using modern equipment for more than 5 years and keeps upgrading its products, and this allows us being the market leaders in terms of household distillation units production.