Total Renewal

Total renewal of the distillation still line "Magarich".

Dear partners and clients, we're glad to announce a large-scale renewal of our distillation still line.

Let's say goodbye to Premium and Exclusive! Thanks for being with us for all this time.

Special thanks to all who imitated us, copied us and make fake products! You helped us to become those who we're now. You confirmed that we're on the right way. You made us move further even faster and produce better distillation stills and provide better services.

But today is the time to take the next step. We are fully ready to do it. We bought new machines, developed totally new structures for distillation stills and patented new production technologies and technological solutions.

See the first fruit of our work in the new line of distillation still "MAGARICH"!

Magarich Mashkovskogo Export 12 BCWP


New product advantages:

  1. A new patented technology with a fractional distillating tube and an additional ice-box.
  2. The still looks beautifully and has excellent technical properties
  3. Actual performance in the distillation mode is up to 3.5 liters per hour and 1.5 liters per hour in the reflux mode.
  4. Due to its simplicity and high workability the distillation still will satisfy both a new user and an experienced professionals.
  5. The distillation still called "Magarich from Mashkovskiy Export" has a great potential capacity for the further upgrade due to additionally installed plant equipment, for example, reinforcing shell.

Technical properties:

  1. Technical capacity is 12 l.
  2. Useful capacity is 11.3 l.
  3. Still weight is 3.5 kg.
  4. Package size is 33 х 33 х 31 cm.

A digital thermometer is not included into a standard configuration.