Distilliation still Magarich from Mashkovskiy

We now have a distillation still "Magarich from Mashkovskiy" available for purchase.


Distillation still Magarich

Chelyabinsk Plant of Household Goods has launched a new line of distillation stills "Magarich".


Magarich Technology Sales Start

Today is the day when the sales of ELECTRONIC distillation stills "MAGARICH Technology" officially start.


New Box means new opportunities!

We are glad to inform you that all 12-liter distillation stills "Magarich" are supplied in a new gift package!


Distillation still NO.1 in Russia

The MAGARICH distillation still is the number 1 in Russia according to Yandex search data.


New Magarich Premium

Dear partners!

We have recently received a lot of orders from your for supply of the distillation stills from the Exclusive series. We don't produce these distillation stills any more for a number of the following reasons:


New cover

Dear partners, let us inform you that starting from September, 5, 2013, the cover for the distillation stills "MAGARICH LEGENDA" and "MAGARICH PROFI" as well as for all kinds of water cans will be produces with four brackets and four butterfly nuts.