Grains kit "Statute" for beer making

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Grains kit "Statute" for beer makin:

  • Colour: 66
  • EBC Bitterness: 40 IBU
  • Initial density: 12 SG
  • Final density: 3 – 3.5 SG
  • Alcohol: 4.5% ABV

Composition: Light malt (Pilsen) Special malt (Black) Special malt (Chocolat) Glucose Hop Yeasts Recommended fermentation temperature: 18 – 22о С Flavour: The coffee-like flavours of roasted barley and malt, may have insignificant chocolate, cocoa and grainy tints. Medium and low ethers. Low hopped flavour. Description of a visual appearance: Coal black with a rich red shade. Virtually impermeable in the light. Dense, creamy, with good foam retention, has a yellowish and brown colour. Taste: Moderately roasted grain acridity with a moderate sour taste and moderate hopped bitterness.

Dry and coffee-like final tint due to roasted grains. Balancing factors include some velvet tints, medium and low fruit tints. Moderate and mild fullness with a velvet character. This beer is amazingly soft for high hopped bitterness and a significant amount of dark grains. Slightly harsh due to roasted grains. Instruction The kit for making of 20 liters of beer One-pause mashing at 67о С – 60 minutes. Wort boiling - 60 minutes Hop No.1 – 55 minutes before the wort stops boiling Hop No.2 - 15 minutes before the wort stops boiling Fermentation should be conducted at 18-22о С 7-10 days of fermentation 7-14 days of maturation Necessary equipment: Boiler 30 l. Enamel pan will be OK.

False bottom for filtering or a canvas bag. Isothermic jacket for a 30 liter boiler (or a blanket). Fermentation tank. Pour 15 l of water in a boiler and warm it up to 76о С. Pour crushed malt from a big sack, stir it to avoid lumps. The mash temperature shall be 67 degrees centigrade, if lower, increase up to the required one by warming it up on a low heat and stirring. Avoid malt sticking to the bottom. Isolate (make coldproof) the boiler with the jacket or a simple blanket. mashing time is 60 minutes. Prepare 9 liters of water to wash the distiller's grain, the necessary temperature is 70-80о С.

Filter the wort with a colander into an intermediate tank (you can use a fermentation tank) and wash the distiller's grain with warmed water. Wash the boiler, pour the wort into it and start heating. When the wort boils, boil it for 60 minutes more adding the hop from the package No.1 for bitterness after 5 minutes of boiling. 15 minutes before boiling stops add the hop from the package No.2 for flavour.

Cool the wort as quickly as possible in the pot to 30о С. Use the "chiller" or simply put the container into a bath with cold water. Pour the cooled wort into the fermentation tank and add yeasts. In 7-10 days fermentation will be finished. Carefully pour the obtained beer from the residue into the intermediate tank, add glucose from the kit package and mix. Pour the beer for carbonization (natural aeration) into bottles. In 3-4 days leave the beer in a dark cold place for maturation during 7-14 days. Net weight - 4.15 kg.

Technical features:

4.15 kg