Grains kit "Whisky"

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Grains kit "Whisky". Composition:

  • Malt
  • Glucose
  • Yeasts
  • Oak chips

Instruction: The kit for cooking of 4 liters of whisky. mashing at 65 degrees centigrade - 120 minutes. Fermentation at the temperature 20-24 degrees centigrade, 3-7 days. Necessary equipment: Boiler 30 l. Enamel pan will be OK. False bottom for filtering or a canvas bag. Isothermic jacket for a 30 liter boiler (or a blanket). Fermentation tank with a hydraulic seal. Prepare a clean container. You can use a fermentation tank. Pour 20 liters of water of 72 degrees centigrade into it. Pour crushed malt from a big sack, stir it to avoid lumps.

The mash temperature shall be 65 degrees centigrade, if lower, increase up to the required one by warming it up on a low heat and stirring. Isolate (make coldproof) the boiler with the jacket or a simple blanket. mashing time is 120 minutes. Cool down the wort to 28-30 degrees centigrade as quickly as possible. Use the "chiller" or simply put the container into a bath with cold water. Filter out the distiller's grain by any possible means. You can use a colander. Wash the accumulated distiller's grain with 7 liters of water - this will increase the product yield.

Pour the wart into the fermentation tank, introduce glucose and yeasts from the kit. In 3-7 days fermentation will be finished. Pour off the sugar wash from the residue with the help of the hose. Distillate twice. The first distillation should be performed at maximum rate, the second distillation should include picking up of "heads" and "tails". Add oak chips from the kit package. Leave for 2-3 weeks. Water down the obtained product to reach the degree of 38-42% possible to take in.

Net weight is 7 kg.

Technical features:

7 kg