Herb and spice kit "Absinthe"

Herb kits for infusions


Absinthe. A strong green potion having hallucinogenic properties due to wormwood in its composition. There are several versions of its origin, however, all of them state that the first absinthe was produced by hooch distillation with various herbs at the beginning of the 18th century.

The kit of herbs and spices "Magarich" includes anise, coriander, wormwood, fennel, melissa, liquorice, hyssop, mint.

How to cook absinthe: pour the first pack with a liter of alcohol or 65-70% double distillation hooch. Leave it in a dark place to infuse for 15 days stirring from time to time. After that add two liters of water and distil with herbs (put them into a canvas bag or add them to a steam dome). Add the second pack with herbs into the obtained distillate, infuse for 3 days and filter. Dilute it to 70%, bottle and put in a dark place.

Technical features:

150 g