Herb and spice kit "Becherovka"

Herb kits for infusions


Becherovka. Czech 38% liqueur on more than 20 herbs cooked only with the water from Karlovy Vary. Due to a variety of herbs as well as the healing water, this liqueur is still used as a medicine.

The kit of herbs and spices "Magarich" includes anise, star anise, clove, oak bark, goatweed (herb), tortmentil root, cardamom, coriander, cinnamon, wormwood, wild chamomile, fennel, juniper berries, black pepper (in corns), bayberry (in corns), salvia, melissa, liquorice, orange peel, lemon peel.

How to cook becherovka: Pour the pack with a liter of alcohol or 65-70% double distillation hooch. Infuse for 10 days shaking it from time to time. Filter it and add sugar syrup into the solution (boil 150 g of sugar in a liter of water). Water to 38% and pour into glass bottles.

Technical features:

60 g