Herb and spice kit "Yerofeich"

Herb kits for infusions


Yerofeich (vodka flavored with various aromatic herbs). Strong (70-73%) wheat distillate infused on all sorts of herbs has a bright flavour and a unique taste. After 1970, the yerofeich drinks were started to be derived from 40% alcohol, and the beverage lost its Russian distinctive character becoming a simple vodka with herbs.

The kit of spices "Magarich" includes anise, star anise, tortmentil root, orange peel, pepper mint, wild chamomile flowers, liquorice, fennel, salvia.

How to cook yerofeich: pour herbs and spices with a liter of double distillation hooch or vodka. Infuse for 2 weeks in a dark place shaking it from time to time. Then filter it and leave it at rest for 3-4 days.

Technical features:

37 g