Herb and spice kit "Sambuka"

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Sambuca. The true star anise-derived beverage was brought to Ancient Rome by the Saracens. It used to be consumed as a digestive, however, later people started to consume it after a meal as well. Famous sambuca was derived from this beverage; it is wheat alcohol infused on anise and elder and watered to 38%. The specific recipe of this Italian liquor is kept in strict confidence.

The kit of spices "Magarich" includes anise, star anise, common elder, lemon peel.

How to cook sambuca: pour a liter of 70% double distillation hooch into two containers of 700 and 300 ml. Pour a small package into a small bowl with alcohol, an a big one into a big bowl. Close the containers and take them away in some dark place for 5 days. After that filter it through a canvas and unite two infusions into one mixing up all herbs from a small bowl and taking up 1/3 of herbs from a big bowl. Pour the selected infusion into a distillation unit, ad 250 ml of water and distil on a low heat. It is recommended to collect no more than 750 ml of the total distillate volume to avoid the beverage arkening. At the end of distillation add 350 g of dextrose, pour sambuca into a bottle and leave it to infuse for 3-4 weeks.

Technical features:

98 g