Herb kit "Vermouth Bianco"

Herb kits for infusions


One packet per liter of hooch.

First recipe: Pour the herb and spices kit with 1 liter of 70-75 % alcohol or double distillation hooch and leave for infusion in a dark cool place for 14 days shaking it from time to time. Squeeze the herbs, filter the infusion through a canvas and then through a wadding filter. Leave for 4 days.

Second recipe: Add 100 ml of 50% alcohol or double distillation hooch into a bottle of white semidry wine. Add a chilled sugar syrup boiled from 70 g of sugar and 50 ml of water. Add 10 ml of the infusion with herbs and spices. Cork up and leave for at least a month. The infusion may be stored up to several years.

Composition: common elder, vanilline, cardamom, cinnamon, juniper, nutmeg, peppermint, wormwood, camomiles, milfoil.

Technical features:

100 g